Are they legit? Is Pioneer Military Credit the same company as Pioneer Services? These are definitely the right questions. Do you have the right answers?

When businesses close and reopen under a new name or new ownership, it can become confusing. You may not know what benefits remain in place and what the new requirements are that you should know. 

That may be the case for many people who were customers of Pioneer Services. The company shut down but is reopening independently under the name Pioneer Military Credit. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about this new company and what happened to the company you may have been doing business with in the past. Here’s some questions you may be asking.

  • Who is Pioneer Military Credit?
  • Who was Pioneer Services?
  • Is Pioneer Military Credit owned by MidCountry?
  • Can I pay my existing Pioneer Loans account through Pioneer Military Credit?
  • How can I access my Pioneer Services Military Loan account?
  • How do I apply at the new Pioneer Military Credit?
  • Is Pioneer Military Credit legit?
  • What are some lending alternatives to Pioneer Services Military Loans?

Who is Pioneer Military Credit?

Pioneer Military Credit is a financial company that provides military loans and money management education to military organizations and causes. The company was previously known as Pioneer Services Military Loans but is now under new ownership with the new name, Pioneer Military Credit. 

The new company brings over 50 years of experience from team members who have served the military. Pioneer Military Credit hopes to revitalize many of the products and services that military families grew accustomed to from Pioneer Services.


Who was Pioneer Services?

Pioneer Services, also known as Pioneer Military Loans, provided loans to active-duty United States military members and veterans for 87 years. The company also donated to many charities and military programs. Pioneer Services was honored for its service with many awards including “Best Website-Banking and Financial Service” in 2013 and 2014. 

Pioneer Services helped 1.5 million military families with their financial needs. The company became known for being a responsible military loan solution for active-duty and career-retired military.

Pioneer Services was owned by MidCountry Bank. This privately held, full-service community bank opened in 2003. Pioneer Services became an accredited division of MidCountry Bank in 2007, although it was in business since 1932. 

MidCountry Bank retained over $775 million in assets and deposits worth nearly $570 million. It specializes in commercial banking, mortgages, business banking, finance and insurance, agriculture, leading, investments, and personal banking.

When Pioneer Services became part of the MidCountry companies in 2007, it operated as a division of a federal savings bank. All customers receive the protection and security of a federally regulated financial institution. They also were assured that all loan products complied with the Military Lending Act (MLA) and The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). This was important to many military families seeking financial help and may be part of the reason why the company was so successful.

The MidCountry ownership group recently decided to close Pioneer Services due to other business priorities. MidCountry made a deal selling Pioneer Services to a holding company.

Pioneer Services stopped taking new loan applications in July of 2019. All current customers were also notified that their loans would be under new ownership and that Pioneer Services would be closing.

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Is Pioneer Military Credit owned by MidCountry?

MidCountry does not own Pioneer Military Credit. It was founded by past leaders of Pioneer Services who want to uphold the same quality service that Pioneer Services became known for over the years.


Can I pay my existing Pioneer Loans account through Pioneer Military Credit?

It’s important to know that if you have a loan that originated with Pioneer Services, you still need to repay that amount. If you have an existing Pioneer Loans account, you can’t pay it through Pioneer Military Credit. 

The Pioneer Services loans are being serviced by System & Services Technologies (SST). They can be reached at 1-866-208-2110 or via email at

If you were enrolled in automatic payments through ACH or allotment with Pioneer Services, those payments will be carried over to the new system. But, if you made payments with a debit card, you will need to reestablish payments because these will not be carried over. You should set up login information with SST as soon as possible so your payments are made on time.

If you use Western Union to make your payment, use the code city “SST” and code state of “MO”. For customers who want to send a payment by mail, you can mail it to: 

Payable to Systems & Services Technologies, Inc.

P.O. Box 5493

Carol Stream, IL 60197-5493

Always be sure to mail payments on time so that they reach their destination before the due date and you can avoid any late fees.


How can I access my Pioneer Services Military Loan account?

If you have an active loan with Pioneer Services, you should have received an email with account and payment information. You will need this information to set up your new login information. To set up online access, please visit

If you did not receive this information for some reason, it’s important to contact SST as soon as possible to get access to your account. You can call SST at 1-866-208-2110 for information or email them at


How do I apply at the new Pioneer Military Credit?

As of this writing, Pioneer Military Credit is not accepting applications for new loans. But, it is working diligently to begin the process to help active duty and retired military personnel. 

If you want to be alerted when Pioneer Military Credit begins accepting new applications, you can fill out the form found here. This will assure that you receive information about applying for a loan as soon as the option becomes available.


Is Pioneer Military Credit legit?

Yes, they are legit. continues to monitor and review the best options for military members, veterans, and their families. As Pioneer Military Credit opens its doors and begins to serve the community, we will remain your source of honest and unbiased information.


What are some lending alternatives to Pioneer Services Military Loans?

If you need to apply for loan services now and can not wait until Pioneer Military Credit begins to accept loan applications, you can ask your bank about personal loans and look into other alternatives. Here’s some companies worth researching:

When it comes to taking out a loan, know that there are many companies out there who want to help active military personnel and veterans with their finances. Always be sure to research any companies before applying for a loan so that you are aware of all the terms and choose the right one to serve your needs. 

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