These 10 stay-at-home job ideas can help you overcome this coronavirus economy. Here in Texas, cities such as Boerne, Dallas, Waco, Austin, Houston and San Antonio are issuing Stay at Home Orders but not issuing Stay at Home Jobs. But this is far from being an isolated situation.

Stay at Home, Work Safe

With slogans like “Stay at Home, Work Safe” and “Stay Safe, Stay at Home”, states like California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin have all issued stay at home orders for their citizens.  

There’s no question that our great nation has been shaken up by the Wuhan COVID-19 Coronavirus, making finding ways to make money online from home a priority for millions. 

Many Americans have been left asking themselves:

  • What to do if you are sent home without pay due to a COVID-19 stay at home order?
  • Will the coronavirus aid bill be enough to support my family?
  • How will I get by if self-quarantining lasts longer than my money?
  • Are there other options for making money from home?
  • What are the best ways on how to make money online from home?
  • How do I start a money making blog?

With businesses shutting down and schools turning to homeschooling there are many households in America feeling uncertainty, not knowing if they will have any money left at the end of this pandemic. Some of these households aren’t even sure if they will have money left at the end of the month. This is because 58% of adults have under $1000 in their savings account.

Other Americans have suddenly found themselves multitasking between working from home, assisting their spouse who is also working from home, and feeding their children who can’t attend school or daycare. These are the lucky ones, learning a new way to define work-life balance as they host skype presentations for their employer while their infant cries in the background.

Overcoming the Coronavirus Economy

One thing is for certain. Whether you are an employee without a paycheck, or you have the privilege of learning work-life balance… literally and at the same time, every household in America is wishing they just had passive income streams coming in so they could avoid the effects of all of these ‘stay at home’ shenanigans. 

If you have decided that this coronavirus economy will not defeat you and you are looking for a few ideas to help you way your options, you have come to the right place. Decide how you see your life being and ask yourself the right questions and you will be well on your way to making money without leaving the safety of your home. You have an opportunity to redefine the meaning behind the slogan Stay at Home, Work Safe.

Here are my answers to 10 money making questions that you may be asking.

1) What is the easiest way to make a few bucks online?

Answer: Online Surveys

This first option obviously isn’t actually a job. But because it’s possible to make up to around $100 in a month doing surveys in your extra time, I thought it was worth a mention.

You can take online surveys from the comfort of your own home, at any time of the day. While this may be the easiest method, it’s far from the best paying option for making money online. In fact, some surveys offer reward points instead of cash.

Taking surveys can be done anywhere from standing in line at the grocery store to sitting and watching your children play. While your responses must be truthful and relevant, online surveys are music to the ears of multi-taskers. They are easy to access and complete and you do not need to devote your full attention to them. And you can spend as much or as little time as you want. Individual surveys can range from just a few minutes to as much as 30 minutes to complete.

A couple surveys you may be interested in are SurveyJunkie and InboxDollars.

2) How can I use my current skills to work from home?

Answer: Freelancing

Freelance work is one way to monetize your current skills. The types of freelance jobs that are available online range from providing accounting services to doing creative or design work.

Doing freelance work can raise your income considerably. Whether you are an English-teacher providing distance learning across the globe, a website developer or you are great at social media marketing, freelancing is a great way to earn money from home.

Trustworthy platforms like Upwork have thousands of employers that want to recruit for all sorts of tasks from technology to business articles where you can write or edit almost anything. Some freelancers make a full-time job of it.

Other than Upwork, you can sign up to freelance at sites like Airtasker, Fiverr or 99Designs.

3) I was laid off as a school teacher. What job can I do from home?

Answer: Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the tutoring process in an online world, where tutor and student are in separate locations. With social distancing becoming an unfortunate reality, we can expect online tutoring to become high in demand. This new age in online infrastructure has created the opportunity for tutors and pupils alike, to interact from the comfort, and safety, of their own homes.

Becoming a tutor online also provides some flexibility in what hours you choose to work. You can choose to work morning, evening or even over the weekend. With some experience, a tutor in this industry can earn as much as $21 for every 40-minute session. 

Check out sites like and to become an online tutor or teach english at

4) How can I use my quick typing skills to work from home?

Answer: Become a transcriptionist

Transcriptions have been around for years.  However, the number of online sites hawking transcription services at low dollar rates with fast turnaround times has seen a noticeable spike in recent years.

Those who have never done it before could check out transcription work on sites like, and you don’t even need to have any prior experience. Payment rates are based solely on quality and prompt delivery, which means that the more audio files you can convert to accurate text–the more money you will make.

5) I already have an online presence. How can I monetize it?

Answer: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of making commissions by promoting products or services for other businesses. 

If you have a strong profile on social media or maybe even have a personal blog or website that gets a ton of traffic, you can monetize by signing up to affiliate partnerships.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to monetize your online properties and earn passive income. Your online property makes a profit by referring readers or visitors to a specific product or service of a company. When done effectively, this method of monetizing can be among the most lucrative online strategies available.

6) How can I work from home if I have a brick and mortar business?

Answer: Online Business

I’m sure you saw this one coming. While this whole page is about online businesses, here I’m referring to online business as opposed to a physical business. Take would you already sell, and do it online.

Let’s say you are an at-home crafter for example. For at-home crafters, the sky’s the limit. Running a prosperous at-home crafts business no longer means dragging your products to flea markets every weekend or begging your local art gallery for space. All you need is a secure link to the internet, a decent camera and a small startup budget.

If you have tons of unused clothes or stuff just laying around, you can post them online and sell them. It’s like having an online garage sale. Imagine earning money by just simply posting stuff online. Social distancing isn’t sounding so bad anymore is it?

7) I used to do it for the vine. What can I do it for, now?

Answer: Do it for the Tube! (Become a Vlogger!)

Zero people are asking this question but I needed to spice it up a little. In a nutshell, start making videos  and upload them to Youtube.

For most people, uploading videos on YouTube is a fun thing. But did you know that by starting your own YouTube channel and gaining a following you can make some serious money? I’m sure you’ve seen tons of vloggers out there who get to travel for free, advertise products on their videos and get tons of free merchandise to review on their channels.

When it comes to vlogging, it’s essential to figure out what kind of content you’ll be making. Are you into lifestyle? Business? Politics? Education? These are the things you will need to consider.

8) I was laid off from medical billing and coding due to coronavirus. How can I make money from home?

Answer: Data entry

A data entry worker is responsible for inputting various data formats into a company’s computer system. These workers must have the ability to interpret complicated data. Monitoring the company’s data entry systems is an important part of the job as well.

People in this position must have strong interpersonal and communication skills, as they may need to communicate with outside agencies and customers.

9) I was an office assistant. What can I do to make money online from Home?

Answer: Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) can do anything from checking emails and making travel arrangements to coping with internet research or working with their small company. High-end earners will command between $50 and $100 an hour.

The job typically entails call monitoring, receiving and responding to messages, and conveying relevant information to the customer. It also includes accepting, deflecting and arranging demands for the time and attention of the client and keeping schedules up to date.

You can check out Upwork and Zirtual for some listings.

10) What’s the best all around way to make money online from home?

Answer: Start a Blogging Website

Blogging is still one of the best ways to make money online. I’m not saying that growing a blog is easy by any means. But many people have grown, and continue to grow blog sites that make as much as $2,000 in monthly passive income within the first year of getting started.

As a blogger, you have the option of monetizing in a variety of ways, from offering a service to making affiliate income. As unreal as it may seem, there are many blog sites making 5 to 6 figures monthly. Here are a few examples:

  •          100K+ Monthly
  •          150K+ Monthly
  •          125K+ Monthly
  •          100K+ Monthly

Although you can basically blog about anything, creating a profitable blog requires a bit of pre-planning. Creating a profitable blog isn’t just about writing on topics that you enjoy, you also have to provide information that people are actually looking for. This is usually information that people search for online or instructional information that helps your readers solve a problem.

I recommend that you pick a “profitable” subject you enjoy and you stick to it. Another good thing about blogging is that among several other ways to make money from home, you can also do it.

The Coronavirus Economic Conclusion

So there you have it, 10 stay-at-home job ideas for making money online from home, especially if you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. 

These work-at-home opportunities will help you earn extra income and at the same time develop your skills. While some of these options will only bring in a few bucks, most of them will lend you the opportunity to make a full time income.

Knowing what you know now about what opportunities are available for people looking to make money online from home, let’s address those questions being asked by people affected by the stay at home orders ushered in as a result of this coronavirus pandemic.

What to do if you are sent home without pay due to a COVID-19 stay at home order?

Turn off your television and start building passive income streams online.

Will the coronavirus relief bill be enough to support my family?

For most Americans, $1000 isn’t even enough to cover the rent or mortgage. So unless the coronavirus relief payment is accompanied by unemployment and/or some level of additional aid, no it will not be enough to support your family. Use your time at home during this stay at home order to begin gaining control over your personal income.

How will I get by if self-quarantining lasts longer than my money?

There are only 2 possible answers for this question. 

  1. Hope that the government provides for you.
  2. Don’t let your money run out.Take action!

Are there other options for making money from home?

There are hundreds of options available that will allow you to work from home. These options aren’t all self employed and online work. Some corporations have work from home positions. You can search job sites like Indeed to find work from home positions.

What are the best ways to make money online from home?

The best way to make money online from home is without a doubt any business that allows you to profit as an affiliate or a partner and that doesn’t require 40 hours a week to maintain. As an affiliate you get to profit from products or services that people are already looking for without being responsible for creating the product or service yourself.

There are many methods for affiliate marketing but if you want to keep it simple, I would suggest you start with blogging.

How do I start a money making blog?

First step is actually starting the blog. Get a domain and signup for web hosting at a reputable host such as BlueHost.

You can google and youtube to learn how to create your own website. Or you can hire a web designer from upwork to build one for you.

The key to getting free traffic to your blog is learning SEO. Follow Neil Patel on youtube for quick tips to get you started.

Whether you are under stay at home order, self quarantining, or practicing social distancing, use your time wisely and get started. Stay at home, work safe, and make money!

Feeling the Effect of the Coronavirus Economy?

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