Let’s make Military Spouse Appreciation Day popular by showing our military spouses that America has their back. We can have their back through small acts of kindness, giving them simple gifts, or even by supporting businesses that provide military discounts to spouses.

Our brave and strong service members are sacrificing their lives every day for our country, land of the free and the home of the brave. But behind many of our service members are a spouse who tirelessly supports their military husband or wife. As a military spouse, you are your service member’s support system, doing everything you can to manage the family in their absence.

Being a military spouse is not a walk in the park. Early in the relationship, they have to accept that their husband or wife is a soldier, airman, marine, or sailor first and a spouse second. They have to adapt and learn how to compromise, especially when duty calls. And with all of this so many people still have never heard of Military Spouse Appreciation Day and may have questions like:

  • What is military spouse appreciation day?
  • How did military spouse appreciation day start?
  • When is military spouse appreciation day?
  • How can I show support to a military spouse?
  • How can I show support to a military spouse from home?
  • Who offers discounts for military spouses?

What is military spouse appreciation day?

To celebrate the profound spousal commitment of every military spouse, the U.S. government, spearheaded by the Department of National Defense, declared the Friday before Mother’s Day as “Military Spouse Appreciation Day”.

How did military spouse appreciation day start?

The celebration had its humble beginnings when former President Ronald Raegan recognized the sacrifices every military spouse makes just to enable their service member spouse to serve our country and fellow countrymen. Subsequently, former senator John McCain led the idea of declaring the month of May as National Military Appreciation Month. In 1999, Congress made the National Military Spouse Appreciation Day part of the Military Appreciation Month. Finally, with the proposal of the Department of National Defense, Military Spouse Appreciation Day was standardized to be on a Friday before Mother’s Day.

For over 20 years, the people of this great country have shown their love and support for the military spouses who tirelessly dedicate their lives to support the men and women who have defended our freedom. This year let us become more appreciative and learn more about the fulfillment and sacrifices of being a military spouse.

When is military spouse appreciation day?

        Military Spouse Appreciation Day is in May and falls on the Friday before Mother’s Day of each year. This year’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day will be on Friday May 8, 2020.

How can I show support to a military spouse?

         There are many simple ways to show love and support for every military spouse you know. Some ideas for showing your support are:

  • Offer to lend a hand around the house
  • Offer to babysit so the couple can have a night out
  • Treat them to a night out or family playdate
  • Bring them a bottle of wine

How can I show support to a military spouse from home?

In 2020, with the promotion of social distancing and staying at home, we now have to get creative about how we show our support. Here are a few ideas for support a military spouse from afar:

  • Call to check on them
  • Send them a care package (Have Walmart Deliver)
  • Send them a gift card
  • Have a meal delivered

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Who offers discounts for military spouses?

Who doesn’t love discounts? If you ask me, all stores should offer discounts for military spouses to show their appreciation for the sacrifices these spouses make. 

Here’s a list of stores that do offer Military Discounts or have special discounts for Military Spouses Appreciation Day:

  1. Old Navy, The Gap, and the Banana Republic

Buy a new set of clothes and update your wardrobe through these stores and receive a 10% discount for in-store purchases. Just be aware that the discount cannot be combined with any other offers. The 10% discount is available for active, retired, and reserve US Military Personnel, as well as their family members. Just be mindful and bring your military ID with you at the time of the purchase.

  1. Buckle

Buckle is an online store that offers a wide variety of jeans, tops, and shoes for men and women. They offer 10% off on your entire purchase at Buckle.com. Such promotion is available for the military in active duty, their spouses and dependents. A one-time verification process is required to avail of the discount on this online store. Verification is through SheerID.

  1. Kohl’s

A department store specializing in clothing, housewares, and home decor, Khol’s is offering a 15% discount every Monday for current and former members of the military and their families. Bring your military ID when purchasing for your items.

  1. Lady Foot Locker

Known for their stylish and functional shoes, Lady Foot Locker is offering 15% discount for military spouses. However, veterans who do not receive military benefits, national guards, or reserves cannot avail of the discount. Your military ID will be verified through SheerID and documents may also be asked. They will call you if you are qualified for the discounts.

  1. AnytownUSA

This online community of sellers offers high-quality handmade arts and crafts like candles and stationery. They offer 10% discounts to military members including those on active duty, retirees and veterans, as well as their spouses and immediate family members. Your identification will be verified through TroopID.

  1. Yankee Candles

Military spouses will surely appreciate the amazing smell of candles available on Yankee Candles. This store offers 10% off of every purchase. They also combine military discounts on other coupons and discounts. The 10% off is available for the military on active duty, retirees, and their families. Don’t forget to bring your military ID when shopping in-store or provide them with a copy via email or fax when you’re going to shop online.

  1. Tiffany & Co.

Who doesn’t recognize the classic Tiffany Blue Box? Every military spouse will surely appreciate it when you show you love to them by giving her any jewelry sold at Tiffany & Co. Luckily, they offer a 10% discount off on engagement rings and wedding bands. Available for active duty, reservists, veterans, as well as their finances, domestic partners, wives, and husbands.

With the discounts available above, you will definitely find something special for your beloved military spouse. However, please be noted that some of the discounts are available only on certain days of the week, so plan your shopping ahead!

The Joy of Appreciating Military Spouses

Military spouses are not just the husbands and wives of military members, they are responsible for the family of their spouses on duty. They are also the moral and emotional support of our service members who do their best to protect our country. Military spouses are the ones responsible for the emotional and spiritual nourishment of these brave men and women.

On May 8, 2020, let us all show our appreciation to military spouses and let them know that we recognize and thank them for their struggles and sacrifices. Military service members may be on America’s front line but military spouses are the armor that keeps the military family safe and fighting effectively. Let’s make this the year that no military spouse feels left behind.

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